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​​Karate is our passion and that’s what our programs are built on.  ​​​
At Avalon Karate we aim to promote a healthy lifestyle & help you feel your best.
All while learning practical self defense skills and having fun! 

We get it. Your health is important to you and you’ve tried to make it a priority. But as we all know life can be busy and overwhelming at times. From family commitments to professional responsibilities, you have a lot on your plate and it feels like there isn’t ever enough time.
You may have tried other fitness programs, maybe even some martial arts, but you either felt silly, intimidated, unmotivated or bored.

You need something different! But you’re skeptical of trying something new.
You worry that you are just adding more to your already full plate.
If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

Our martial arts programs are designed to keep you or your child physically fit while learning practical self-defense skills. Most importantly, our programs focus on building confidence in ones self, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and above all, having fun! 

If your interested in trying something new and want to do it for free then we have many programs to choose from! Contact us today to discuss which program is right for you!

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